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Hello there! As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around at all. My life right now isn’t where I want it and, sadly, it’s affecting my passion for roleplay. I can no longer continue on with this group. There is no time for me to advertise or put any effort into this group. And I don’t want to let anyone done by ignoring this wonderful group. Right now I’m not so sure if I want to close the group for good. I still have things to think through.

I would like to thank everyone that stuck by and enjoyed their time here! Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and I loved roleplaying with you all! 

- Ariel

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weirdprincessofdenmark asked: "OOC: As much as I love Melody, i'm going to have to drop her. I have too much going on in real life and haven't had any time on her account. I'm sorry, but thank you so much for letting me be apart of this wonderful group. I hope to be back once everything is slow again."

It was great having you!

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proper-order-is-a-mystery asked: "Oh my goodness, I am so so so sorry but I'm going to have to leave (both Cheshire and Aurora). I loved this group so much but there's going to be big changes and I just won't be able to give justice to my characters. Much love"

So sad to see you go! You were a wonderful roleplayer! If you ever want to come back don’t hesitate to ask. Hope everything goes well for you!

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swearing-guineapig asked: "May I be able to have Megara? :D"

Yes! Just make her tumblr account and send it here.

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risinghawke asked: "Hi! Can I please be Tramp? He is one of my favourite Disney characters!"

Sure! Just send in his tumblr account when you have it ready!

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fa-mulan-hero-of-china asked: "Profile for Mulan fa-mulan-hero-of-china(.)tumblr(.)com"

Welcome Mulan! Everyone follow the Hero of China!

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theincompletesynopsis asked: "Hi there I would like to apply as Mulan! P.S I really love your blog its simple and I don't get confused in the application process ^_^"

Great! I’ll put her on hold for you! Just send in the tumblr account when you have it ready.

Thanks! Our wonderful mod made it!

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We are a roleplay group that’s just about having fun! Plenty of characters are opened . We are in need of heroes, heroines, princesses, princes, villains, animals, and many more! So check us out and join if you’d like!

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weirdprincessofdenmark asked: "OOC: Hi, I'm going to have to take a hiatus till Thursday. My week should be less hectic by then and my interview will be over then to."

That’s fine! Good luck with your interview!

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